AstroGrav 3.3.3



  • Includes different environments to start you off
  • Allows you to configure your own universes


  • Not suitable for young kids learning
  • Environment editor complicated

Very good

If you're into gazing at the stars then you might find AstroGrav an excellent way to do so without even touching a telescope.

AstroGrav allows you to simulate how astronomical objects move and interact under the force of gravity. It features some impress interactive 3D graphics which allow you to move around within virtual astronomical system, while watching how it evolves with the passage of time.

There are a wide variety of sample environments included in the program such as Solar System, space mission, and abstract systems. These enable you to experiment with the software without having to enter any of your own data. However, if you are some kind of astronomical whizz, then you can also edit and create your own astrological environments. However, this is very complex and only for those that are either professional astronomers or have specialised knowledge of the solar system and how the coordinates of stars work.

For astronomers and space fans, AstroGrav is a fun and highly customisable astronomy program that's as enjoyable as it educational.

A high precision solar system simulator/calculator with superb interactive 3D viewing.

AstroGrav is a full-featured, high precision solar system simulator that calculates the gravitational interactions between all astronomical bodies, so that the motions of asteroids and comets are simulated much more accurately than with planetarium applications. The effects of general relativity and radiation pressure can be taken into account, and superb interactive 3D viewing allows you to easily rotate and zoom your view while the solar system evolves. The AstroGrav software has a huge range of features and viewing options, including views from space or any object, planetarium-style views from any location on Earth, multiple views animated simultaneously, dynamically calculated orbits and trajectories, comprehensive tabular data, and simulation time steps from a fraction of a second to thousands of years. Constellations and over 100,000 background stars are included, with comprehensive data for every star. Several different celestial coordinate grids and a wide range of physical units are available, and editing facilities allow you to create new objects manually, or import from hundreds of thousands of asteroids and comets. Because it calculates the motions of bodies from their gravitational interactions, AstroGrav is not restricted to just the solar system. Any situation in which gravity is the only significant force can be simulated, and the illustrative sample files that are included with AstroGrav include many examples such as exoplanet systems, protoplanets that evolve into planetary systems, rubble piles and their interactions with massive bodies, complex star systems, and even projectiles and bouncing balls. AstroGrav is ideal for astronomers, astrophysicists, researchers, teachers, educationalists, and students, and comes complete with a tutorial and full documentation. A fully functional 15 day trial version is available for download and evaluation.


AstroGrav 3.3.3

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